I always struggled with boards. I failed six shelf exams, it took me three times to pass Step 1 and I failed Step 2 CK twice. Medical boards became an absolute nightmare and started to eat away at my will to become a doctor, and more importantly, my soul. To raise the stakes even higher, if I didn't pass my next Step 2 CK attempt, I would have been dismissed from medical school! I was at risk of losing all the years of blood sweat and tears I put into my career, so I turned to VJ for help. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. 

I had the pleasure to work with two of his tutors, and both were incredible. This was nothing like studying with my med school friends who had perfect scores, SelectMedTutors actually knew what they are doing! VJ is like a surgeon, he will get inside of your head and figure exactly what you are struggling with and improve your score. Absolutely everything was addressed including stamina, mental health, stress reduction, test taking tactics, study technique, how and when to push myself, and of course content review. It doesn't matter if you are a top performer like my friends or bottom of the barrel like me - VJ will find something that will help you. He knew exactly what to say during each step of my preparation and was always available when I needed him. 

VJ has a stern demeanor that is comforting, and he is an incredibly likable guy. All the scout work of studying (creating/modifying a schedule, staggered repetition, figuring out what practice questions are high yield, etc.) will be done for you, leaving you with the simple task of gaining knowledge and remaining calm. I studied less hours per day yet my score was climbing on practice tests. The style in which we reviewed information was not only proven to work, but it also reignited my love of learning! After prepping with VJ, I was 100% positive that I would pass... and I did! I love you VJ! 

Haroon O., MD

Rosalind Franklin University

When I first started studying for Step 1, I was full of confidence. I felt like I knew the material, had put in the hours, and was going to do well.  That confidence lasted up until the week before my scheduled exam when I took a practice test... and failed.  I was DEVASTATED.  I pushed back my test date and immediately reached out to a couple different tutoring services as an act of desperation at around 7 pm. To my surprise, and great relief, VJ contacted me personally THAT NIGHT. He laid out an organized "plan of attack" and then gave me plenty of time to think it over. The next day, I let him know that I wanted to proceed and he had the necessary documents sent over within minutes.  I chose SelectMedTutors over the other tutoring services I researched because of this individualized care and prompt communication. The process was so seamless and easy, it really took a weight off my shoulders.  

I was matched with Dr. Nicholas O'Sick as my tutor. Nick is a plastic surgeon, a father of two, a tutor, and somehow manages to have a social life, but you would NEVER know it for the attention he gives to your study sessions. Nick was somehow able to work around my very strange schedule (I was on night duty rotation in the ED) with ease. He set a target goal with me and then laid out a very clear plan for me to follow.  He helped me realize I DID know things, but I did not know how to take the exam. Over the weeks we worked together, Nick helped me learn and practice essential test taking techniques while simultaneously expanding my knowledge base.  Each session was helpful.  Nick doesn't cut his students any slack.  He will push you and demand your best effort.  But he was patient and respectful and somehow managed to build my confidence even when I was exhausted and felt doomed. 

Sure enough, all the effort paid off and when my test day rolled around, I scored 14 points over my target goal!  Not only that, but I feel much more confident in my test taking abilities. I know I will be able to take the things I learned and apply them to Step 2 and 3.  I can't thank Nick, VJ, and SelectMedTutors enough! 

Kathryn P., M2,

UConn School of Medicine

I had been studying for Step I for months and receiving sub-passing scores on my NBME practice tests. Within 3 weeks of working with Dr. Kumar, my score went up 32 points!​ What is great about working with Dr. Kumar is he is great on finding the right study strategy for students. I have run into plenty of tutors that are good at explaining individual answers/concepts, but didn’t offer me much guidance on strategy.

Dr. Kumar was the only one able to make significant strategy suggestions, constantly monitor for what was working for me and not working, and then improve my study strategy. A bonus of working with Dr. Kumar is that he has written practice questions for the Step exam that are very similar to the ones on the real exam. So he knows how the Step test creators think. Also, it is clear Dr. Kumar cares about how his students perform. For example, the day after my exam he followed up to see how I did. He also followed-up when I got my score back. I am happy to report I reached my Step I goal. Overall, I would recommend Dr. Kumar to anyone studying for Step!


USC MD Candidate

I started to prepare for Step 1 and my first practice test was not good. I scored below passing grade. I panicked and I became confused and discouraged because I had just 8 weeks to examination date to learn a large volume of information. Luckily, I met Dr. Kumar. He immediately set up a plan that helped me to increase my score by almost 100 points. He sets a daily goal and he makes sure that the daily goal is achieved by constantly pushing one to work very hard. His approach on how to study for this test is purely based on efficiency: that is learning important concepts really well and understanding how questions are asked in the test. In this way, one is able to navigate easily through questions that would normally cause one to have a second thought. I am truly happy with what I was able to accomplish with Dr. Kumar and it is because of him that my step 1 score will not limit me in getting into any specialty that I eventually choose in the future. He is truly a great coach and teacher and I recommend him without reservation. Whoever chooses to use his guidance will not be disappointed.

Okenwa O.,

University of Texas Medical School

As the parent of a 2nd year med school student, I saw first hand the stress and anxiety that the Step 1 USMLE caused my son. I found Dr. Vijay and SelectMedTutors online. After an in-depth phone conversation with Dr. Vijay, I felt confident that my son would benefit from time spent with his online tutoring​. Thanks to Dr. Vijay my son was able to reach a level of confidence with the material that allowed him to perform his best on the exam. ​​From my perspective, I appreciated Dr. Vijay's positive approach and his excellent communication with me, the parent, just letting me know that things were going well. He was extremely accommodating, as my son attends med school in Ireland and needed special accommodations. I would definitely recommend Dr. Vijay to other parents hoping to reach out and help their student get through a tough time preparing for the USMLE.

Cynthia S.,

Concerned Parent

I don't even know where to begin! Ryan has been not only a tutor to me, but also a mentor and friend. He is there for his students mentally and patiently. Ryan has tutored me for around the past year and a half. He has seen me through courses that I've struggled with, such as Renal. I literally went from failing to passing after working with Ryan. Ryan has also seen me "blossom into a flower," as he would say, with my work towards Step 1 and Level 1. Ryan would create individualized PowerPoints on topics that I would ask, such as Cardiology (an area I have also always struggled with) and would really take an areas that I requested work with to heart. He even provided me with his own personal notes, tricks of memorization, and skill sets. For example, OMM specific methods of cranial, what to write on my sheet before the exam with viscerosomatic levels, the brachial plexus, and more.

Unfortunately, I do not have a score to report just yet. The first time I attempted to take my COMLEX Level 1, I caught a severe version of the Coronavirus and was sick for 2 months, needing to go to the Emergency Room for a chest X-ray. Ryan even worked our tutoring sections around this. The second time I attempted Level 1, I took the entire exam and then the timer and computer physically malfunctioned at a Prometric testing center in Jacksonville, Florida. During my exam, I could even hear Ryan's voice guiding me through some questions! My third and I pray last attempt will be this June 10th. I will be sure to let you know how it goes! I hope to make Ryan proud.

Overall, I could not speak of Ryan Pollard more! If he ever needs a commendation, please let me know. He presents himself professionally, as well as genuinely relating to his students. I couldn't be prouder of his match, graduation, and how he is going to take on the world!

Isabella Dreyfuss

Duke University

I improved 40 points from Step 1 to Step 2 CK and I couldn't have made that improvement without the help of my tutor, Reed Kamyszek. I've always had trouble with test taking, but Reed was able to help me adjust my test taking strategies to be able to tackle difficult questions. Reed was extremely knowledgeable and an exceptional teacher. He really helped me to target my weak points so that I knew what I needed to improve upon. His "rapid review" sessions before my practice tests were extremely helpful in showing me what I needed to work on so that by test day I had reviewed all of my weak points multiple times. He kept me on track and helped me to succeed. Thanks a ton for everything, Reed! 


Tulane University School of Medicine

I would like to thank Dr. Vijay Kumar and his team at SelectMedTutors for helping my daughter go through USMLE Step 2 CK successfully with the desired good score in her first attempt. With only 3-4 months left before the exam, my daughter was anxious, nervous and needed guidance on study methods and test taking strategies. I felt helpless! After contacting several recommended groups, we chose SelectMedTutors.
From day 1 she received excellent service with individual interactive study sessions and realistic honest feedback. A personalized study plan was created and regular follow up was done to ensure adherence and positive progress. I was also given the progress updates. They were her tutors and psychotherapists! Her confidence grew and she overcame exam fears. During the final 3 weeks she was challenged with taking a few of the sample full exams and the scores were analyzed with constructive feedback. She felt well prepared on exam day. When the scores were received, we were all elated….she would be able to match for most Residency programs! I wish we knew about this service when she took USMLE Step 1. I would highly recommend SelectMedTutors to everyone going through the daunting, nerve-racking task of the USMLE exams.

Dr. Nick M.

When I think of what I am grateful for this Thanksgiving, SMT is at the top of my list. As a parent, there is nothing worse than watching your child suffer and feeling absolutely helpless to assist in any meaningful way. There has never been a question in my mind that Jillian could be an amazing clinician but just a few months ago, it seemed that she might never have the opportunity to try. Your work with her has unlocked her potential and will likely remove the one obstacle still standing in her path. We can’t thank you enough ​for taking her on as a student. ​You truly have a gift for teaching although it is hard for me to imagine where you find the time. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours will be so much better because of you.

Paula, mother of Jillian L.,

UT Austin Medical School

I contact a few different agencies looking for a tutor to help me prepare for a MCAT retake. They were willing to take me on, but all recommended I save my money, as they were not optimistic I would see a score increase. Then I heard back from Vijay. Vijay did a great job just listening to me, helping me come up with a clear plan of what to accomplish during the month of preparation, and then helping me stick with that schedule. Confidence, real or fake, goes a long way with the MCAT, and Vijay was unconditionally positive. His effort to make you feel brilliant throughout your study program will truly help you be more successful. ​All around, it was a high value experience that I cannot recommend enough.


I am very pleased with Vijay's tutoring tactics and approaches. Vijay is very flexible with the times he is able to meet and did his very best to accommodate my schedule. I was worried an hour a day would not be enough, but he was able to help me make a plan on what I should be working on during the hours we did not meet. He helped me improve my self-confidence in knowing the right answer choices to choose. ​VJ knows all of the content material backwards and forwards and is very talented in teaching these concepts to the average student, who may not understand these concepts the first few times. One of the most helpful things I did with VJ was the extensive content review, where he would ask me questions and quickly switching from subject to subject in order to keep me on my toes and targeting all aspects of my memory. I thoroughly enjoyed being tutored by VJ and I would recommend him to any person hoping to improve their MCATscore. 


Being a DO student, I was prepared to take the COMLEX, but did not have any special preparation for the USMLE Step 1. The two tests are extremely different despite covering the same material. I was at a plateau, having difficulty improving my score, until I started working with Vijay. Over the course of a few weeks he helped me improve my score greatly​, even though I was busy most of the day at the hospital participating in my medicine and surgery rotations.  He even helped me on my Shelf exam for my Internal Medicine Rotation! I highly recommend SelectMedTutors and will definitely use their services again!

Kristin, 3rd year student,

NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine

As a foreign student, obtaining a high STEP1 score was crucial for me. I recognize that working with SelectMedTutors was one of the best decision I have ever done. ​My tutors helped me to achieve my goal. They gave me all the strategies that I needed it in order to establish a solid knowledge and also multiple tricks regarding the test itself. It was a fantastic experience and I strongly recommend to everyone that wants to give the best of themselves.

Raquel MD, Ph.D. IMG

After been tutored at SelectMedTutors my score improved by over 20 points​ which reflected in my real Step 2 CK score. Thanks to Dr Kwarciak!!! The difference was that he not only tutored, but will go out of his way to make sure you understand the concepts and when overwhelmed his little pep talk helped.

Chinelo E., M.D

Thanks to Vijay, I was able to score 15 points above my predicted ​NBME Score in just a little over 2 weeks of working with him. He is extremely knowledgeable on how the exam works and what to focus on, as well as finding an individual's study strengths and working with that to maximize effectiveness. He was also very communicative and flexible with scheduling tutor times which was key during such a stressful time.

Casey, Step 1 Student

Georgetown University School of Medicine

Dr. Smith is very efficient, focuses on high yield material to get across, not just to do well and pass the exam but also get rid of the high level anxiety while prepping for the exam. He takes time to explain any doubts and concept one does not understand.

Karanjit P., MD

It is with great enthusiasm that I mention here that SelectMedTutors helped me achieve my goals in the USMLE STEP 1 exam. Their guidance and suggestions during the course of my prep, advice on the best resources to use and how to maximize their effectiveness & valuable study tips and strategies helped me drastically improve my scores from 210's in the NBME practice tests to a 245​!! on the final STEP 1 exam. As an International Medical graduate, getting a great step1 score has instilled a lot of confidence in me and a sense of belief that I am good enough to secure a much-coveted residency spot in the United States. I will forever be indebted to SelectMedTutors who helped me realize my dreams!!

Sameer Dawoodi,

Indian Medical Student

Thanks to Vijay, my retake of step 2 CK improved dramatically. I had a difficult time with grasping concepts and test taking strategies on my own, but Vijay was able to go over high-yield material, set a focused plan based on my timeline and knowledge gaps, and allow me to improve my step 2 CK score. I would recommend anyone having trouble with USMLE to use Vijay and SelectMedTutors. 

Raj, 4th year

US Medical Student

Vijay was an outstanding tutor. He helped my step 2 score increase 36 points from step 1​! ​He created a personalized study schedule and worked hard to design test taking strategies specific to me. He accommodated my work schedule, meeting early in the morning and late at  night. I don’t know what I would have done without him! His medical knowledge is outstanding. Most of all, he has extensive experience with these tests. He taught me how to take the tests and what information was high yield. Using skype was helpful as we could share screens and do questions together. Vijay was a terrific coach who I look forward to using for all licensing exams.

Heather, Yale Undergrad,

Harvard Medical School

When I started preparing for Step 1, I did not know where to begin or how to use my time most efficiently. VJ helped me create an individualized and organized study plan to focus my studies and identify the highest yield information worth dedicating the majority of my time to. He was very flexible in both his meeting time availability and his teaching style, continually adjusting both to meet my changing needs at various stages in the study process. These assets of VJ’s along with his guidance in working through test taking strategies from a content and confidence perspective were very helpful in preparing me to perform to the best of my ability on Step 1.  And the proof was in the score...before starting with VJ, I got 160 on NBME's 16 and 18 (about 10 days apart), and my final Step 1 score was 211 (a 51 point increase)!

Ellen, 3rd year

US Medical Student

I came to SelectMedTutors worried about my Step 2 score of 215 a couple of months before I was scheduled to take the test. I worked mainly with Dr. Vijay, and found him to be a caring individual who offered life-wisdom in addition to commonly tested Step 2 facts. He adapted to my learning style, allowing me to think out loud while working through questions, and paid attention to my logic to point out mistakes in my thinking and gaps in my knowledge to arrive at the correct diagnosis/treatment. Dr. Vijay also recommended studying techniques that helped me focus in on the important information from Uworld questions/ First Aid - these techniques saved me a lot of time/stress by eliminating a good chunk of the overwhelming amount of information that are in these texts. I ended up scoring a 237 on the real test after 20 hours of tutoring! I would recommend Select Med Tutors for those who think they need a new approach to studying the material, because sometimes that is the key to doing well on these tests.

James Long,

Keck School of Medicine, USC

My experience with Vijay and SelectMedTutors is without a doubt the reason I had such a big score increase from Step 1 to Step 2. I started tutoring sessions with Vijay about 2 months prior to taking Step 2. He was incredibly engaging throughout each of our sessions and consistently followed up with me. He would take notes on when I was planning to take a practice test and send me a text that day to wish me luck and check in to see how I did. I appreciated his thoroughness throughout my entire studying process. Vijay gave me the confidence I needed to succeed on Step 2. Going through questions together, he simplified what the test writer was getting at. He helped me pick out the important details from the test prompt, recognize commonly tested topics on Step 2, and gave me tips on which buzz words to recognize. He’s great at synthesizing information down to it’s simplest form and gave me the confidence to do the same on test day. I feel so grateful to Vijay and the rest of the staff at SelectMedTutors for all their help in my studying process. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Jenna B.,

Philadelphia College of Medicine

After failing Step 2 on my first attempt I knew I needed to change my approach. With only four weeks to take the test in order to match in the upcoming year and while in a moderately busy rotation I knew accomplishing this it was going to be a challenge. I started contacting several tutoring agencies and after speaking with Mark and the rest of the team at SelectMedTutors I decided that it was worth giving private tutoring a shot. I could not have made a better decision. Mark helped me organize my study time and helped highlight concepts and material that was extremely useful on test day. He made personalized power points covering high yield concepts that supplemented my other study material perfectly. He also helped me examine the way I was approaching questions and helped me integrate more effective strategies. In four weeks and 20 sessions I increased my score by 25 points (193 to 218). I truly believe that the help I received from SelectMedTutors made a huge difference and helped me keep organized, on target and studying hard. For Step 1 I took a live review course with Kaplan and SelectMedTutors was less expensive and much more effective and focused!

Danny Ortolano,

Step 2 CK Student

I want to thank SelectMedTutors for helping me pass Step 1. Dr. Vijay focused my study prep to the highest yield material and gave me the blueprint on how to review and retain tons of information. His study techniques gave me the confidence to do well on the exam. With tons of USMLE step 1 study resources out there, Dr. Vijay narrowed down the choices and told me to only study the resources with the highest yield material. In addition, I also recommend SelectMedTutors because of the team of other great tutors that are available. ​I had the opportunity to work with another tutor Dr. Vijay recommended and I was blown away by the level of understanding of the material. I highly recommend SelectMedTutors for USMLE test prep!!

Brian England,

Step 1 Student

USMLE exam prep can often leave you lost and hopeless. I was in a similar frame of mind when I came across SelectMedTutors on the web and contacted them right away. After speaking to Dr. Kumar & attending a trial tutorial session, I realized I needed to work on my weak areas. I was tutored by Dr. Nasser for ten hours where we worked on tackling high yield questions in a smart ‘ruling out the wrongs’ tactics. He would explain important concepts thoroughly and how to apply them. This surely improved my test taking skills which also helped with my confidence. I continued my prep with his guidance and achieved the score I was aiming for. I highly recommend SelectMedTutors to all those who are struggling in their preps because we all need a little boost to meet our goals.

Meher Asam,

Step 1 Student

Working with Vijay was one of the best decisions I have made in medical school. I had been studying for the boards for 6 weeks, but my score had stagnated at an unacceptably low level and I decided to find a tutor. We worked together over a period of two months and my score improved drastically. Beyond being an expert in the content and strategies of studying for the boards, Vijay is exceptional at understanding the individual learner’s style and adjusting to it. Many students have test anxiety that interferes with their ability to succeed, however it manifests differently for each student. Vijay was fantastic at adjusting to my individual needs both as a learner and at addressing my anxieties as they shifted closer to the test. If I had to do it again I would have started working with Vijay earlier in the process. I think Vijay is more efficacious if he is able to work with you early in the board studying process. I can understand that for a medical student it is difficult to decide to spend money on a tutor when we already have loans, but I think in the long run this tutoring pays for itself!

Maia, MD PhD

3rd year Student

I contacted SelectMedTutors when I was consistently scoring in the 215 range on NBMEs one month from my exam day. My goal score was 238 and after working with VJ for another month my actual score was 250​! VJ is an excellent tutor because he knows every detail of the material and is able to deliver it in a simple way. He knows the types of questions and common themes the exam likes to test and makes sure to hammer those. He analyzes your mistakes and helps you come up with a way to stop making those mistakes in the future. He is willing to work with your schedule and gives you tasks and assignments to keep you working towards something and routinely quizzes you on material. He is a very hands on and active tutor, we would do questions together and he would analyze my thought process in selecting my answer and show me the correct way to approach the question. As someone who is not a natural "test taker" I was able to surpass my goal score after working with VJ and I highly recommend working with him!

Megan, 3rd year

US Medical Student

I came to Vijay about 10 days before my exam date. I was looking for any last minute boost (somewhat desperately) because I was uncomfortable with my most recent practice score and did not want to reschedule my test. Together, Vijay and I met about five times. He increased my confidence by showing me that I had enough knowledge and that I was primarily missing questions because I was not reading them effectively in the first place. I am extremely glad that I met with Vijay before the test. Overall my score increased from the 58th percentiles to my final score in the 97th percentile​. Vijay is a calm, comforting, and knowledgeable tutor and is absolutely an asset to MCAT preparation.


I had Michael Dworkin as my tutor. I just got my scores back and I was pleased with my results! I did 20 hours with him and I felt like he gave me excellent advice and was really invested in my process. I heard him in my head while I was taking the test which was great! I highly recommend him for anyone, he helped make me confident in my own abilities and I was very lucky to work with him. ​Thanks!

Maggie G.,

St. George’s University School of Medicine

I got a 76 (99th percentile)! Thank you so much! For everything really! You are so incredibly smart and such a good teacher. You single handedly taught me med school in like 3 months! The last two weeks were just awesome, and you made learning such a joy, reminded me how much I love it. If we kept going, Imagine, USMLE ready, without the med degree, only you as my degree! I realized that is what has been missing in my life.
Thanks for being a part of that!


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

I am truly impressed with Vijay's outstanding teaching approach for Step 2 CK examination. My son had difficulty in grasping the exam format. Vijay's involvement helped my son focus on the exam format and understand the course content which enabled him to successfully pass the exam. ​​Vijay was able to maintain my sons composure and interest with suitable examples and sample exams to understand the different exam areas. Thanks to SMT for their continuous efforts and I would recommend them to anyone having difficulty in step 2 CK USMLE exam.

Parent of Step 2

CK Student

Dr. Kwarciak is the best tutor you will find! He is extremely knowledgeable about the Step 2 exam. He covers material in depth but focuses on key points and facts you need to know. From my first interaction with Dr. Kwarciak he was unbelievably supportive and positive. He built my confidence exponentially throughout our sessions. He also gave me mini homework assignments between sessions, which was very helpful in doing targeted studying. I looked forward to every session with Dr. Kwarciak because I knew I would leave the session feeling stronger. In addition, he made me an awesome study schedule focused on my weaknesses. He even has developed power points for many board exam topics! In the end my score jumped 40 points. I honestly don't think I could have done it without Dr. Kwarciak's support, encouragement, knowledge and dedication!

Jess T.,

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Dr. Kumar is exceptional in his field. He is incredibly experienced on the themes that come up again and again on USMLE exams, so that he can easily direct you to which exact facts are first-tier knowledge and must be memorized first. But I was also grateful that, almost alone among the tutors I looked at, he was not just a slightly older student, but rather a professional, a real grown-up. As a result, I not only felt more accountable to him but also took comfort in his vast experience, knowing the sheer volume of students he has shepherded through this process. I landed right at the score I needed on Step 1, increasing 40 points from where I started, and that's primarily because of Dr. Kumar.

William K.,

Harvard Medical School

VJ was very knowledgeable and understanding throughout the time he worked with me. He really helped me to hone in on my weak areas and tirelessly tried various strategies with me until we could find one that worked well for me, whether it was extra practice questions or quizzing me. Working with him and his other tutors enabled me to raise my score 40 points from my first practice test over the span of a couple months. I recommend VJ to anyone who needs more guidance with their studies in general or is having difficulty seeing improvements!

Marine, 3rd year Student

Johns Hopkins Medical Student

I was struggling with my Step 1 prep when my dad suggested SelectMedTutors. I decided I wanted to find out a bit more about the program, so I filled out my contact information. Within minutes, Dr. Kumar reached out to me via phone. I asked him a few questions about the program and he reassured me that I would be in good hands. I was matched with my tutor, Richard Blumengold. Within 10 minutes of our first meeting, I realized Richard was an amazing tutor. He always had a great sense of humor and positive attitude during the sessions. He would challenge me when I was answering questions, and I felt as though I was getting so much more out of my practice questions in terms of knowledge. I gained confidence for this exam thanks to all the motivation from my tutor. I ended up scoring 26 points higher than my starting point! 10/10 highly recommend SelectMedTutors because they really do help you achieve your goal! 

Rani C.,

St. George’s University

I purchased a tutoring package with SMT in preparation for USMLE Step 1 and am writing to share my experiences. I felt that my tutor was a phenomenal teacher. I very much enjoyed working with him and feel that the tutoring package was instrumental in achieving a higher score on the exam. ​In particular, I think my tutor is great at explaining difficult concepts and covering high yield topics thoroughly for the exam. He also put together a very strong study plan in the months leading up to my exam date. I'd be happy to recommend SelectMedTutors to MS2s preparing for Step 1 at UCI School of Medicine.

Alex R., MS3,

UC Irvine School of Medicine

I am very pleased that I decided to get a tutor at SelectMedTutors. It took a huge weight off my shoulders! Not to say that step was easy to study for, but SMT certainly eased the burden. My tutor and I developed a study plan for me to work on while in clerkships and adjusted based on how much I was actually able to get done. By the time dedicated step prep time came up, we had met enough times and gone over enough questions that he had an idea how I approached the practice questions. He took this into account when he adjusted the study plan further. He was also pretty encouraging and realistic about if my goals were achievable and what I would need to do. Not to mention, he was very flexible with my crazy clerkship schedules! Having this personalized study plan is all I really wanted, but I feel like I got more than I asked for – and I’m very thankful. I’m happy with my score and know that I’ll be plenty competitive for my desired specialty. So, thank you to Select Med Tutors, for all the hard work, patience and encouragement!

Jen N. ​

After failing my first Step 3 attempt, I felt lost, panicked, even terrified. My demanding residency made it hard for me to study. I was in dire need of help. As soon as I contacted SelectMedTutors, I knew I was in good hands. SelectMed stands out above the crowded field of tutoring services because they tailor their program according to the varying needs of each student. They refer to their one-on-one approach as “highly customized tutoring”—an accurate description and stunningly effective strategy. No one-size fits all and SelectMed gets that. They know the power of adaption and personalization. After a few weeks, I quickly began to improve my skills on multiple-choice questions and the CCS. My talented and experienced tutor worked to build my confidence. He was instrumental in developing my newfound belief that I could conquer Step 3. Which, to my delight, is exactly what I did! I will always appreciate that SelectMed had my back; supporting me at a critical juncture in my medical career and guiding me to achieve my dream of USMLE success. 

M.K., MD

After working with SMT I achieved a Step 1 score that easily surpassed any score I hoped to achieve. Given the immense amount of testable information, his guidance was essential towards making the most of my studying. My tutor taught me how to approach questions from the standpoint of the test writer which proved to be invaluable when facing unfamiliar or challenging questions. He also developed a personalized schedule and helped me to identify weaknesses in both content areas and test taking skills. Through our planning and preparation, I felt confident on test day. Both my tutor and Dr. Kumar were very accommodating and a pleasure to work with. For students hoping to maximize their test score, I’d strongly recommend working with SelectMedTutors.

Andrew, MS2 ​

After hitting a plateau in my Step 1 scores on practice tests, I realized that I needed to I change my way of studying to change my Step score.  I reached out to VJ, who was able to help boost my score 28 points in only 2 weeks from a score that would not get me into general surgery to a score that will allow me apply to a competitive surgical specialty program. VJ was able to not only assess my knowledge of content but also provide advice on test taking skills while reinforcing high-yield studying habits. I highly recommend VJ’s services to anyone who feels they know the material but are not seeing their knowledge reflected in their scores on practice tests. His insight into the thinking behind the test and his structured study plan for improvement helped boost my score without cramming content or having to memorize the entirety of First Aid, and still left enough time for me to get enough rest and be in the proper mindset for the test.  The end result was a Step 1 score that exceeded every practice test I took.

Alexis, M3,

Yale School of Medicine

About half way into my designated Step studying period, I was still not seeing the improvement that I hoped for. I had only minimal improvement from my first NBME to my second after 4 weeks of U World. I knew that I wasn’t getting enough out of my studying but was unsure what else I could do. That is when I reached out to VJ and after my first meeting with him, I felt confident in my new study plan. I began seeing improvement rapidly- I went up 18 points on my first NBME after only 1 week of working with VJ. He was extremely flexible and was always able to fit tutoring sessions into my schedule. VJ was able to pinpoint my weaknesses and worked with me to fix them. He completely changed the way I faced the test and after working with VJ, I was able to reach my goal step 1 score. It was the best decision I could have made and I would without hesitation recommend working with VJ!

Alana S.,

George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences

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