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Amazing tutors! Willing to help and assist in any way they can, are truly supportive and helpful, and most importantly are really good at their jobs! Christopher Hammond, one of the best tutors I've ever had, helped me increase my score for the step 1 by about 30 points! I highly recommend these guys you won't regret it!

Shayaan Haque

SelectMed tutors is an amazing service! Dr. Chris Hammond is incredibly organized, thoughtful and patient as a tutor. He explains very clearly and thoroughly and provides additional helpful information. I really found that being tutored made a huge difference in my understanding of difficult topics and I had a go-to person for any general questions. I would highly recommend SelectMed Tutors, especially Dr. Hammond!

Kalyani Parwatkar

What can I say.....My experience with Select Med Tutors has been FANTASTIC. The tutors are AMAZING and super responsive especially when you are a STRESSED out student. Here's what you have to look forward to 1.) Detailed lesson plans and resources to help you succeed 2.) A breakdown of material in language that helps you actually understand it 3) Personal cheerleaders that are straight up invested in your success and CELEBRATE your wins 4.) Knowledgeable staff that actually have an AWESOME pulse on what you are learning. 5.) Responsiveness and genuine care. Highly Recommend!

Beautifully Yours Metro

I worked with Kyle for a few weeks and I saw a big increase on my Step 2 CK practice scores once I started working with him. He is very knowledgeable and great at explaining difficult concepts because he knows how to break them down and make them seem more simple and easier to understand. I really recommend giving him and the company a try if you need a little push to get the score you want on your tests or just for your clerkship exams.

Liana Llado

Select med tutors is a phenomenal organization, especially considering the guidance I received from Dr. Kumar and the tutelage I received from Dr. Lock. I could not have passed the family medicine board certification exam without them. Having tried to pass the test previously with results that were less than optimum, I turned to Select med tutors. After receiving their guidance, I was able to not only pass, but pass with a relatively good score. Having been out of school for about 20 years, attempting to re-certify seemed very daunting. Again, they were outstanding counselors and tutors. If you want to pass the family medicine board exam, they are the organization I would recommend.

Pat B

Had a great experience with Select Med Tutors for Step 2 CK. My tutor (Chris) was very knowledgable and helped point me towards good resources to review. He was also very flexible with scheduling sessions and helpful in directing topic review. I ended up scoring in the 250's and was really glad I found this service. I would definitely recommend!


My experience with select med tutors was amazing. The tutor had a well organize plan regarding all the disciplines I had challenges in and guided me on how to recognize key points and clues to differentiate diseases that look alike. I definitely recommend select med tutors to anyone struggling with their USMLE exams. It feels good to finally say I PASSED STEP 2 CK.

Muguette Kemajou

Wonderfully helpful! Helped me to improve my step 1 and step2 score from below 200 to above 250 on the first attempts! Tutors (especially Kyle) are professional and responsive and signing up is simple. They are easily worth the price.

Aliwans Sumprivacee

Excellent experience with select med tutors. In working with them I have gone from hoping to pass exams to knowing I passed and striving toward acing the exams.

Bailey Corona

I had a great experience working with selectmedtutors! Definitely worth the investment! My tutor worked through many practice questions with me and it helped my test taking skills. I highly recommend this to others!

Samuel Thalathoti

I worked with Dr. Lock and she was wonderful! She helped me improve my step 2 score 24 points from step 1. Definitely worth the money!

olivia perry

I worked with Dr. Lock as a third year medical student. I was struggling with my pediatrics shelf exam and was in need of help. During my rotation I was only seeing healthy children which led to a disconnect when reviewing pediatric disease and pathology. Not only did Dr. Lock guide me in what topics were the most important for my shelf exam but we also completely changed how I approached test questions. I increased 65 points between COMLEX 1 and 2CE. I attribute every point of my increase to the difference in how I approached questions. I would recommend Select Med Tutors to anyone!!!!! I am so grateful that I was able to work with them. THANK YOU!

Emily Johnson

Really helpful, I had a great experience! Increased exam score and reasonable price 🙂

Amulya Sajja

I studied for Step 1 with the help of Dr. T from Selectmedtutors. He totally changed my strategy and helped me approach each subject from a different perspective. Before starting my tutoring sessions I was stuck and was starting to believe I couldn't improve. He was always very honest about the expectations of the exam and guided me through the whole process. I am very thankful with Dr. T and I did end up obtaining a great score (better than I expected).

Aurora Casillas

I had studied for Step 2 CK on my own for a month and saw little improvement in my score. I really wanted a stronger Step 2 score because I was disappointed with my Step 1 score after having done a review course. Within two weeks of working with Dr. T my score increased almost 20 points. He was so patient with me throughout the process and helped me really think like the test writers and focus on what I needed to know in order to do well on the exam. He explained so many concepts I had gotten confused over the years in medical school, and really finally solidified my studies. I just got my score back, and I am so happy! I'm in the range of the specialties I wanted and now a much more competitive applicant.


I will recommend selectmedtutors to anyone trying to slay the step 2ck Dragon.

During my final months before step 2ck I was struggling with channeling my content into picking the right answers on questions. So I signed up with selectmedtutors and I had the most amazing phenomenonal tutor Kyle.

He was GREAT he held my hands throughout the process and taught me effective test taking strategies that transformed into a great step 2CK score. The test taking strategies and effective studying tips I have gained will also be used in future exams.

Olufunlola Titi Oriowo

Working with select med tutors has helped me not only help me come up with a study plan and test taking skills, but by working with the tutor one on one it has given me confidence in my knowledge! I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone, especially those who struggle with test anxiety & confidence in taking exams.

Felicia Branagan

I always struggled with standardized exams even before med school and had multiple tutors/academic advisers push their version of learning on me which only resulted in frustration and poor performance. Finally with Select Med Tutors and working with Dr. Rich Blumengold I found a teacher who not only analyzed how I learn, but how to maximize my exam performance. He helped fix personal gaps in my study habits and the way I would think through the question. I was unsatisfied with my Step I score (which I studied using popular tutoring programs), and thus wanted a new experience when it came time for Step 2 CK. I explained my situation and was IMMEDIATELY paired with a tutor who identified my weaknesses, changed my perspective of the exam, and most importantly challenged and motivated me along the way so I did not experience burn out as I did for other exams. If you are sick of receiving the same study program as everyone else or of restudying the same material without improvement, reach out to selectmedtutors!!!!!!! It is well worth it.

Carolena Trocchia

I can't say enough good things about my sessions with Dr. Lock. She went above and beyond to make sure I overcame my exam challenges and was prepared for Step 1.

Alyssa Marie

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