The best rates for elite USMLE Tutoring that you can find anywhere.


Our pricing model is simple: we charge just $125 per 1-hour session. We don’t require you to purchase a minimum number of sessions. Just sign up for one and take it from there. We do provide some discounts for purchasing a bundle of sessions. Call today to learn more!

We are proud to offer superior service for a lower cost than other USMLE Tutoring companies. Due to our unique business model, we have less overhead than our competitors, allowing us to provide our students with the best customized, 1-on-1 USMLE prep available at a fraction of the cost.


All of our tutors are proven USMLE Experts who have scored at least a 250 on the exam.

More importantly, each one of our tutors is carefully screened to ensure sure that they are effective teachers: all of our USMLE tutors are engaging, personable, and supportive.

Additionally, we train each one of our tutors to tackle every aspect of the USMLE. Our tutors will formulate a comprehensive customized program, to help you master every theoretical and practical trick the USMLE throws your way.

Our tutors have experience delivering results.  Read our testimonials to see what students have to say!

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